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117 / 118 North King Street, Dublin 7.  
 Phone:01 6774494,
Fax: 01 6774025
 E-mail: info@nwicn.ie
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Welcome to the North West Inner City's Website

The North West Inner City Network. (NWICN) is an independent member- based forum of Community and Voluntary Groups in the North West Inner City of Dublin. Established in 1997 by a group of local community activists, people living and working in the area, the Network seeks to ensure that the community has an active say in how their community is developed. It has a particular remit in relation to social inclusion.

The Network is one of the three Community Networks currently core-funded by Dublin Inner City Partnership (DICP). The Network also receives part-funding from the North Inner City Local Drugs Task Force.

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Download the North West Inner City Network's new 2006 to 2010 strategy!!

Investing in the Community: Responding to Changing Landscapes 2006-2010 (926 KB pdf)

Investing in the Community



117 / 118 North King Street, Dublin 7.
 Phone: 01 6774494, Fax: 01 6774025, E-mail: info@nwicn.ie